Travel agency - BAIKAL-SAFARI CO. LTD

  • Tourist activity in the Baikal region;
  •  Management of hotels, cafe, and other tourist objects;
  • Organization tourist, fishing and hunting tours in the territory of Siberia, the Far East;
  • The organization of cruises for Baikal in groups from 4 to 40 people;
  •  Planning of tourist routes, advisory services in tourism;
  • Trade in tourist products;

Welcome speech of the CEO

After the graduation of the Irkutsk State Agricultural University, I have started my own travel business.  I have experience in travel business over 25 years. For example, I had on foot bypassed with a backpack behind shoulders from the South to the north of the Baikal region.  I have met and know all Baikal sights for years of the work.Many unique places are concentrated In the Baikal region; however, the main pearl of the region is Lake Baikal. Landscapes of the region are different. There are desert areas, the Alpine meadows and coniferous forests around the lake. Thousands of tourists would like to visit these wonderful places. We love our Baikal region and we will try to give this feeling to all our guests by making rest unforgettable.

Address: 4-33/1, Polenov St., Irkutsk, Russian 

Federation, 664007

Cell: +7 (3952)-48-33-10/ +7-914-899-18-81



CEO:  Oleg A. Shemyakin      

Register number: 006964

Registration date: 03.15.2001