1 day

Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk (from 8.00 to 8.30), transfer to Listvyanka village, 68 km. from Irkutsk. On the way visit the Taltsy museum of wooden architecture, 47 km. Baikal tract. Visiting the museum of the Limnological Institute with a mini aquarian aquarium.

Boarding the ship on the pier in Listvyanka (from 12.40 to 13.00) and accommodation in cabins; acquaintance with the crew, lunch. The transfer to Port Baikal is located at the foot of Baranchik Cape, at the source of the Angara River and was originally the final destination of the Irkutsk-Baikal railway line. From here, from the train berth, cargo and passengers were forwarded to the other side by icebreaking ferries. Almost the entire station complex has been preserved: passenger, derivative, residential and office buildings, an icebreaker pier, a lighthouse.

An exit to 80 km of KBZHD (the Circum-Baikal Railway). Movement along the coast with views of the old railway. Walking tour to one of its many tunnels (from 15.00 to 16.30).

18-00 Stop at the station Kultuk, 156-158 km Circum-Baikal railway. Tour, lasting up to half an hour. The history of the village Kultuk, Kultuk and Tunkinsky tracts, the history of the main course of Transsib. Visit the mini-museum in the station building. Acquaintance with natural sights - the volcano, the Kultuchnaya river, the Khamar-Daban ridge. (The village Kultuk is the oldest settlement on the southern shore of Lake Baikal. Back in 1647, the squad of Ivan Pokhabov set up Kultuksky fortress here.)

Go to the village Tankhoy, overnight on the ship.

2 day

9-00. Visiting the information center and museum of the Baikal nature reserve by bus. (2-2.5 hours)

Going to Posolsky Sor, one of the warmest places of Lake Baikal. 14-00 to 16-00 free time for swimming and rest. Moving to the Bay of Proval, where in the 20th century, together with settlements, a huge stretch of earth’s land went under water. Sunset meeting. Trek to the delta of the largest river flowing into Lake Baikal - Selenga.

3 day

8-00. Departure by motorboats to the Selenga Delta watching numerous bird birds found in ducts and creeks. Fishing on a pike and a perch is possible. From 13-00, the transition along the east coast to the Barguzinsky Bay.

4 day

7-00. Inspection of the bay: Cape Krestovy, Barguzin river, Ust-Barguzin settlement, Cape Lower headboard. Then go around the Holy Nose Peninsula to Chivyrkuy Bay. It is possible to visit a specially protected area - the Ushkani Islands, where the largest breeding ground of the seal is located (additional charge)

5-6 day

Rest in the Chivyrkuy Bay (the largest and most bightful bay of Baikal), fishing, viewing picturesque places of the Trans-Baikal National Park. A trip to Baklany Island, to the old fishing village Kurbulik, Lake Arangatuy - nesting sites for rare and endangered birds. Evening visit to the hot springs of Zmeinaya Bay, the temperature of which is from + 38ºС to + 45ºС. Relax on the sandy beach of Snake Bay. Competition programs, barbecue. Night transition to the village "Davsha".

7 day

9-00 visit to the Museum of the Barguzinsky Reserve. 11-00 transfer to the Kabanya River, the Shignand River, fishing for grayling, lenka. Trek to the Tampuda River. Walking along the river in motor boats. Night fishing on grayling.

8 day

Trek along the east coast to the Khakusy Bay, visit the hot springs, the temperature of which reaches 70 degrees, on the way visit the Turaly area (singing sands). Stop at Guba Aaya overnight.

9 day

Hiking to the lake Frolikha (8 km + 8 km). A uniquely beautiful mountain lake is included in the specially protected area of the Barguzinsky reserve. The transition to the source of the river Upper Angara. Transfer to the east coast to the largest city BAM (a) of Severabaykalsk, replenishment with products and other accessories. Movement by the east coast past Cape Thonky and Ludar towards Cape Kotelnikovsky. Visit the hot springs, pool, bar.

Trek up to the river Kurkula. Examination of the threshold, go to the lake Muzhinay on the cape of the same name.

10 day

Movement along the northeast coast to the south along the capes: Bol., Mal. Spit; Bol., Mal. Cheremshan; Elokhin, Kedrovykh; Zavorotny, Solontsov; Dead, Charlaty, Ryty to Olkhon Island.

11 day

Meeting of the dawn on the northernmost cape of the island of Olkhon - Khoboy. Sunset at the Small Sea (a section of water separating Baikal from Olkhon Island) through the Great Gate. Trek up to the Three Brothers cliff (Cape Sagan-Khushun), walking on the island for those who wish to fish for grayling "from the screw." Go to pos.Huzhir. Sightseeing of Olkhon and the village of Khuzhir: visiting the fish factory, the local ethnographic museum, where the breastplates of Genghis Khan's soldiers found on the island are kept. The most popular place on the island is Shamanka rock (cape Burkhan), where shaman rituals took place. Movement past the picturesque islands of the Small Sea to the west coast of Olkhon Island, to the south of the island. With a stop on the island of Ogoy and Kobylya Head (Khorin-Irgi). A visit to the holy Stupa is the astral intersection of the spiritual forces of Buddhism. Sunset overnight in the warmest bay of the Small Sea - Muhor. Rest is possible to visit bars, discos.

12 day

12-00. Transfer to the city of Irkutsk. Hotel accommodation . Three-hour tour of Irkutsk with a visit to the historical center of Irkutsk: Kirov Square, Church of the Savior, Epiphany Cathedral, Polish Church; Drama Theater. N. Okhlopkova, the White House, on the embankment of the Angara River; Znamensky Monastery, with a visit to the monument to Alexander Kolchak, graves of G.I. Shelikhova and E.I. Trubetskoy. Return to the hotel. Free time.

13 day

Transfer to the airport of Irkutsk.