Going on a trip, every tourist has a goal, to learn something new, to experience new emotions, to open new horizons of their travels. Below are the most popular types of tourism in the Baikal region.

We offer excursions to the sights of Irkutsk and to the lake. Baikal. At the request of customers, we will create an individual program and develop a special tour.

The Buryats are an indigenous people who inhabited the territory around Baikal for a long time. Buryat culture is unique and original. The traditional religion of Buryat is shamanism. We organize an excursion to the State Museum of the Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous Region and a visit to the Shaman show, tasting dishes of national Buryat cuisine.

For lovers of outdoor activities, we offer specially designed tours on quad bikes with an instructor, and it is also possible to rent a quad bike after passing a qualified instruction.

Winter fishing in the Baikal region is one of the most popular types of recreation. Thousands of enthusiastic fishermen, in the excitement of spending whole days fishing, despite the cold. Irkutsk region, nature generously rewarded with natural reservoirs, on which the organization of winter fishing is possible. We suggest that all fishing enthusiasts will join this hobby, in addition to the trophies obtained, you can experience new emotions and have a great rest.

Currently, every modern person always has a camera with him. Every year a large number of ordinary tourists and professional photographers come to Lake Baikal and find many rare species for themselves. Any season in the Baikal region is beautiful in its own way, so the tourist season for the photographer is open all year round. We organize special tours for photo lovers. And also in the staff of the company there is a professional photographer who can take pictures of your trip.