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Tour Hunting / Brown bear hunting
Brown bear hunting

1 den hunting (5 days)

Best season: December 15 through March 1.
3 guides / 1 hunter
The expectable temperature:
December (from -25C up to -40C)
February (from -15C up to -25C)
The hunt is operated in the taiga zone on the distance of 200 -500 km. from Irkutsk on the attitude of 500 -1000 meters above the sea level. 

Schedule of the hunt
Arrival to Irkutsk, meeting at the airport, minivan (4wd) drive to the hunting reserve (transfer time: from 2 hours up to 8 hours (depends on the location of the hunt place)). Accommodation in a wooden house, den-hunting instructing.
Day 2
Departure for the place of the hunt at 8 a.m., at first, by cars, then, by "Buran" snow-mobile or on horses, approach to the den, hunting, arrival to the cars, festive dinner, arrival to the place of accommodation.
Day 3-4
Used as reserved days in case if the second day hunt was unsuccessful or the animal in the den was not mature enough. The days are also used for the trophy preparation and for getting extra trophies:
Musk deer

2 Baiting (10 days)

Best season: May 15 through June 10
1 guide / 1 hunter
The expectable temperature:
Day (+15C, +20C)
Night (up to -5C)
The hunt is operated in the taiga zone on the distance of 120 km. from Irkutsk or on the territory of Buryatiya (up to 600 km. from Irkutsk) from special tree-stands over the bait (up to 3 meters above earth).

Schedule of the hunt
Day 1
Arrival to Irkutsk, meeting at the airport, 2 hours transfer to the hunting reserve by van (4wd) (if the hunt is operated 120 km. from Irkutsk) or twenty four hours transfer by boat to Buryatiya. Accommodation, baiting instructing, hunting.
Day 2 -9
Evening hunting (till 5 p.m. for 2 a.m. - the time when the bear goes to the bait)
Vehicles, used for getting to the place of hunt:
Van (4wd) or motorboat (if the bait is located on the Lake Baikal shore)
Day 10
Departure from the hunting reserve for Irkutsk, accommodation in a hotel (if necessary), departure from the airport.