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Tour Hunting / Siberian/Manchurian red deer hunting
Siberian/Manchurian red deer hunting

 Bellowing-echoing (8-10 days)

Best season: September 18 through October 10
1 guide / 1 hunter
The expectable temperature: +10C up to -5C
The hunt is operated in the forest and taiga zone, on the attitude of 500 -1500 meters above the sea level in the evening and the morning time.

Schedule of the hunt
Day 1
Arrival to Irkutsk, meeting at the airport, transfer to the hunting reserve (located 120 - 400 km. from Irkutsk), accommodation, the hunt instructing, the evening hunt possibility
Day 2-7
Vehicles, used during the hunt:
Van (4WD) or horses (nevertheless the hunters have to go up to 7 km/per day)
 Day 8 or Day 10
Transfer to Irkutsk, accommodation in a hotel, transfer to the airport, departure from Irkutsk

Extra trophies:
Roe deer
Musk deer