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Notes & Price


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(1) Should a hunter wish to get an additional trophy or bag a different species of animal in season, he will be charged ONLY a TROPHY FEE for them.

(2) Should a hunter come on a tour with a non-hunter companion, the latter is given a 50% DISCOUNT of the PRICE OF THE TOUR & SERVICE.

(3) A group of hunters more than two persons booked on the same tour will get a 10% DISCOUNT of the PRICE OF THE TOUR & SERVICE, more than three hunters booked on the same tour will get a 15% DISCOUNT.

(4) The PRICE OF THE TOUR & SERVICE includes:

  • Transportation to the hunting area from specified POA and back by land;
  • Transportation within the hunting area by land;
  • Guide service;
  • Operation of the hunt;
  • Visa support and the necessary paperwork for Russia firearms import permission;
  • Translation service; G. Food;
  • Accomodation in hotels in POA and hunting cabins;
  • Bedclothes/Russian sauna;
  • Excursions, amusements, etc.

(5) The PRICE OF THE TOUR & SERVICE does not include:
A. Airfare/railroad tickets to and from specified POA and helicopter charges;
B. Firearms and ammunition, special clothing, other hunting and/or fishing gear, gratuities, pocket money.

(6) CITES information. You assume sole responsibility for checking with the most current game laws of your country of citizenship to determine whether or not you are allowed to import trophies into your respective country. No species currently offered for hunting in Siberia/Far East by the firm "Baikal-Safari" are endangered under the game regulations of Russian Federation. CITES export permission is provided by our Moscow representative.

(7) An unofficial letter of explanation specifying the purpose of the visit and the consequent presence of firearms and ammunition could be issued by the firm "Baikal-Safari" on request at two weeks notice.

(8) Due to the existing unreliability of shipping from Russia, foreign hunters are advised to take their trophies to their respective countries as baggage and should be prepared to do so.

(9) A "TROPHY REGISTER" in the hunter`s name, with the description of the animal(s) bagged and its/their trophy value (points) will be issued by the firm "Baikal-Safari" after the completion of the tour.

For more information about hunting/fishing in Siberia/Far East and to book hunting/fishing tours please write to, tel/fax (3952) 33-19-56