Dry lake. It is entered in the register of protected natural monuments of the Irkutsk region. A well-trodden path leads from Semenovka Pad to the Dry Lake. (From the end of the fence of the old camp site to the right). On the way, a huge tree draws attention, where tourists leave coins. According to local beliefs, this sacred tree has a special power and has a lot of huge anthills. Not everyone is lucky to be filled with a lake. They say that water comes into every four years, namely in a leap year, but this information, in our opinion, is absolutely incorrect. Just fifteen years ago, it was filled annually, several more times during the summer. But since the time of the catastrophic fires in the forests and logging at the tops of rivers and keys in the protected zone, it is not possible to predict exactly in which summer and for what period the Dry Lake will become full.

During full filling, the length of the Dry Lake reaches 250 meters, along the borders of the lake there is a bypass path, which, recently, has become very overgrown. With the advent of tourist camps, the lake was overgrown with legends and beliefs. Now "male" and "female" stones (rolling pins) appeared on the lake, which, according to legend, carry strength for men and women. And literally in ten years their surfaces were polished with the hands of those wishing to become “stronger”, and in the crevices everything was covered with coins, hairpins, sweets, cigarettes and even preservatives ... A special microclimate reigns in this place - and even in early spring, when most plants had not yet had time wake up, the rocks cover the sinewy, saturated green leaves of a frankincense. Guides who lead tourists to the stones and talk about their magical properties give instructions on how to behave so that the rocks are not offended and hear the desires of people. On the basis of the respectful attitude of the indigenous population to unusual natural objects, a whole ritual has developed here. Coming to the stones, you must definitely say hello to them. You can do it mentally, say who you are and why you came, leave a small offering. Then you can go up to the rock, lean against her forehead, hands and whisper your wishes.