Comfortable accommodation for up to 12 people in 2-3x local cabins. There are: 4 sanitary (2 of them with a shower). Sauna. TV, DVD. A wardroom with a good view from the wide windows on 3 sides, which makes your impression of traveling much brighter! Open deck with comfortable and soft seats. Upper deck for lovers of sunbathing. The ship is fully equipped with modern navigation and communication facilities. There is a motor boat, fishing tackle, water skiing, a "bagel". You can choose any of the offered cruises or discuss with us the route appropriate to your preferences (fishing, sightseeing, bathing in hot springs, etc.). Changes to the agreed route may be made by the master during the journey due to unfavorable weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. The main advantage of the catamaran is the increased safety of navigation due to its high stability, the number of engines (4 pcs) and coupled life support systems.