Hunting in the region of the Russian Far East is represented by a range of specific hunting species, such as: Okhotsk snow sheep, Amur brown bear, Amur (Ussuriysk) Moose, the largest subspecies of wild boars – the Ussuriysk, Manchurian and Siberian roe deer, spotted deer, wapiti, Siberian musk deer, lynx, wolverine, wolves, yellow-throated marten, sable and a bunch of birds, including geese and ducks. Far East Taiga is very diverse and differs much from other regions. Especially considering Primorskiy Krai, where the high level of humidity is observed. There is a big variety of unique tree species, which could not be found anywhere else. Here you can also explore a great growth of bushes and high grass.

Despite the fact of dense forests and a great number of large predators, the density of ungulates is quite high. The most interesting part of Primorskiy Krai is its middle region, where you can explore large horns of wapiti (elk), high density of Asian Black bear, roe deer and boar, although the highest level of Amur tiger is observed at the same place. The spotted deer is also found here, however, its diversity has its highest level in the regions where, paradoxically, the hunting is prohibited. Ungulates and brown bear hunting is usually practiced at the fodder fields (especially at the oatmeal crops). However, if there is a Manchurian oak harvest, all wildlife animals except wapiti and roe deer migrate to the oakeries for the fallen acorns. You need to consider this fact when planning the hunting route. Khabarovskiy Krai is well known for organizing Amur moose and Amur Brown bear hunting. Amur Brown bear is claimed to have prolonged nasal part of the skull. You can also experience Far Eastern boar, Siberian roe deer and show sheep hunting. Here, especially in the northern area, sparse forests, swampy terrains and opened shrubs are found. In this location you can observe a high density of Amur (Manchurian) moose and Amur brown bear. Snow sheep population inhabits Stanovoy Highlands spurs and the ranges of Okhotsk Sea coast. There is a great number of Brown bear on the island of Sakhalin.