If you have a desire and, which is more important, an opportunity to explore the great lake Baikal in every detail, if you would like to appreciate its incredible beauty and unique nature, to discover the most remote places without any localities or roads within 200 km but with the real and absolutely pristine Siberian Taiga, to watch wild animals and to fish with a pleasure, you definitely should try cruising our “Sacred Sea”.

Our company “Baikal Safari” will organize such a memorable adventure with a high quality at a reasonable price.

Many people tend to be afraid of taking such journeys over the water, considering them to be dangerous and risky, but we can assure you that nowadays there is a great number of safe and quite comfortable ships with all necessary modern navigation units. For the most unsure and cautious we offer catamaran type vessels with 2 engines. For swimming and taking a steam lovers we offer special ships with saunas and even pools. For those who would like to hunt, we are able to organize the hunting, if the hunting season allows this activity. For those who would like to observe the area from heights, we can organize the helicopter service and arrange an aerial tour right to the waterfalls, rivers, lakes and other sights, including the best fishing spots, which are almost deserted.

The Baikal lake possesses a huge power, this lake can “charge” people. As Professor Sopin said, the Baikal lake is “a real natural psychic”.

Travel company “Baikal Safari” offers pleasure craft chartering services as well as organizes 1 to 12 days fishing tours across the Baikal Lake on comfortable ships (standard or VIP class). We are ready to organize an unforgettable cruise respecting all your wishes.