Themed tourism is a journey attached to an event or activity that gathers a group of interested people. The thematic tour carries some intellectual burden on the tourist. Such tours provide the opportunity for a gradual and deep assimilation of new information on a selected topic that meets the interests and tastes of the tourist.

The BAIKAL-SAFARI travel agency organizes tours for collectors of ethnographic materials, visits to music competitions and festivals of Russian and classical music, sports events, photo tours with an instructor and competitions. For gourmets and connoisseurs of delicious food, we organize gastronomic tours of Russian and Buryat cuisine. We arrange runs and routes along Lake Baikal and the Siberian taiga in jeeps and ATVs. Ice hikes around Lake Baikal with hovercraft aircrafts (such as Khivus), snowmobile routes to the most remote corners of the Siberian taiga with overnight stays at hunting bases and, if you wish, we organize overnight stays in tents during the winter during long crossings through Tofalaria to Tuva.

Welcome to the world of educational and fascinating tourism!