Ecotourism is not only “a form of sustainable tourism, focused on visiting relatively non-human-made natural areas,” as Wikipedia explains to us. This is much more for people living in huge cities and big cities, where, in pursuit of our well-being, we see the sun only through the glass of an office window, and for a year we only dream of walking in nature ... This is most likely the thread that connects a person with natural wildlife. For many of us there is nothing more surprising than visiting places where there is no presence of civilization, comfort and other blessings of mankind ...

The Baikal Safari travel agency will be able to arrange for you a real trip to the farthest corners of Siberia and the Far East, where you can: plunge into the natural world of wildlife; to see and observe wild animals, volcanoes, cedar taiga, mountain rivers and mountain ranges, the coast of the northern ocean, alpine meadows and tundra; admire the natural sunsets, sunrises, the northern lights, flowers of extraordinary beauty and even walk along the dew.

We will be able to organize any seminars and summer camps in ecological places and make your event unforgettable in all its best senses. To establish cooperation and interaction with nature reserves, national parks and other specially protected areas.

We will choose any tour for you, if you contact us and send us your wishes, you can also choose ready-made ecological tours on our site.