The large cottage has a large hall with three private bathrooms. It is used: as three separate rooms (two double and one three-four), as well as the entire building for a large company of up to 10 people with a kitchen, which attaches to the house from the back of the building. In the hall (5.6 x 5.6 meters) there is a large TV with a diagonal of 108 cm, a DVD player, satellite TV; stove with a fireplace; a table 200x76 cm with two benches; coffee table; refrigerator 56x56x116 cm; electric samovar; microwave; a large bear skin with an old ramp gun hanging on it; Cuckoo-clock; many, hunting style decorations (including chandeliers from antlers of elk and red deer), a spiral staircase to the second floor of golden larch.

Two double rooms 3х6 m. Room 4.5х3 m., Bathroom with equipped shower 1.5х3 m, there is a table, a wardrobe, a double bed (can be divided into two single).

The price for a double room is 2 500 rubles per night, for single occupancy - 1 800 rubles.

The quadruple room 5.6x5.6 m. Includes a double sofa bed, two single beds, TV, a fireplace, a table, 2 chairs, a chest of drawers, a mirror, a bathroom of 3.5 sq. M. with shower, balcony with a view of Lake Baikal and a folding table.

The price for a 4-bed room for four-seat accommodation is 4,000 rubles, for a 3-person room - 3,000 rubles, for a double and single room - 2,700 rubles.

Entire cottage with a kitchen - 12,000 rubles., The option with no kitchen with the possibility of 10 local accommodation - 10,000 rubles. The kitchen has all the necessary facilities, a large refrigerator with a separate freezer, a sink with cleaning products, a gas stove, and a sofa.

Separate houses have two separate rooms on the first and second floor (attic type).

The first floors are 4.5x4.5 m in size, have two double folding sofas, a table, two armchairs, two chairs, a wardrobe for clothes with a built-in refrigerator, a TV, a fireplace, a mirror, a kettle, two carpets. A well-maintained toilet with shower on the territory of 10-25 meters from the houses.

The price of the first floor overlooking Lake Baikal and the mountain. For four people - 3,200 rubles, for three people - 2,700 rubles., double and single rooms - 2,200 rubles per night.  

The second floors are 4.5x3.5 m in size, have two double folding sofas, four chairs, a table, a TV, a kettle. The price of the second floor, For four people -2800 rubles, for three people - 2 400 rubles, for double and single - 2000 rubles per night.

The price of the russian bania is 1,500 rubles per first hour, the next hours 1,000 rubles, the price includes one birch broom.

There is a free pool, two barbecue grills, a large swing on the territory.
We also provide the following service: horse riding; barbecue area; mountain bikes; hiking fishing; sauna

The address of the guest house "Hunter's Estate" : Irkutsk region, Irkutsk region, the village of Bolshoye Goloustnoe  Kirova 110 street. Telephone for reservation: +79148780360 Nadezhda.