Relict poplar grove. A large island located between two streams of the river. Residents of Bolshoi Goloustnoy call this place "talniks", due to thickets of willow bushes on the edge with water. However, as soon as you go further, a fairy-tale world of huge poplars will be observed with something similar to people or animals. In summer, you can easily cross the island over on a rift - the level of the water is no higher than your knees, however it is better to take rubber slates with you, the stones are very slip. In winter, you can go on the ice. The grove, which occupied an area of about two square kilometers, was formed naturally. And you can call it a miracle of nature. In the village itself there are almost no poplars, and on the island a real poplar kingdom arose, the oldest trees of the order of three hundred years.

According to the Holo-residents, no one specifically planted poplars here, the wind relocated the seeds. About three hundred years ago, an island formed, self-sowing trees took root well in the river valley and gave birth to new poplars. Locals treat the grove with reverence, shamans hold ceremonies here and there is no doubt - amazing trees have magical powers. The coast was chosen by large voiced birds - Daurian jackdaws. On the ducts you can find herons, terns and various ducks. In the center of the grove are its old-timers - poplars of gigantic sizes. Trully, today these old men look like a broken regiment. In the patrimony of the elders, lightning prevailed, which half burned, half scattered giant trees. But even this depressing picture gives an idea of the power of relict trees.

You can walk endlessly through the poplar grove and look at the miracle poplar - there is a giant with a dissected lightning and a burnt trunk, demonstrating a great will to live: the top of the tree, connected to the rest of the trunk by a narrow piece of bark twisted into a spiral, continues to pump juice from the ground, and her kidneys swell. However, you need to walk carefully through the grove - rare plants live under unique poplars: incised violets, Siberian phlox, red iris and Baikal endemic with the touching name “Turchaninov’s pike”. Residents of Bolshoi Goloustnoy urge tourists to protect the fragile world of a poplar grove - do not drive there in jeeps and motorbikes, do not light bonfires.