"Valery Makarov» is a comfortable VIP motor ship. There are 2 cabins on the average deck. 2-seater cabin with a double sofa and a latrine is located in a nasal part of the ship. 2-seater cabin with a double folding sofa and a spacious saloon with a dining table on 15 people are located in a middle part of the ship. The spacious sauna is located in a fodder part of the ship. Moreover, you can find 5 cabins on the lower deck, the cabin with a spacious bed in a nasal part, and. 2 double cabins, shower and two latrines in a middle part of the ship. There are two 2-seater cabins.

 Short specifications:

Navigation, rescue, communication tools:

  • Length: 29 m
  • Width: 6 m
  • Draft: 1.6 m
  • Passenger Capacity: 15
  • Total crew: 3
  • Cruising Speed: 20 knot
  • Liferafts:2
  • Radar
  • GPS
  • Sonic depth finder
  • VHF maritime radio
  • Satellite communication