Fishing place

Zhilovaya river. Located in the north of the Kamchatka Territory (Tigilsky district).

Target for fishing

Chinook salmon. Bycatch: Rainbow trout, seema, white-spotted char, chum salmon.

Way of fishing

From stationary tent camp. The fact is that the Chinook salmon does not rise particularly high along the river and it is necessary first of all to mine the pits of the lower reaches of the river, therefore, there is no need for rafting along the entire length of the river.


Stationary tent camp, bath, dining room, generator, satellite connection.

Fishing Gear

Spinning, Fly Fishing.


Boats with outboard motor.

Best season

Second half of June. Duration of the tour is 7 days.

*English speaking guide will accompany from start till the finish of the tour.


Tentative travel dates, fishing plan

Dates Itinerary
1 day


Airline: Kamchatka Airlines: by DE 251 flight 

Departure from ELIZOVO airport 11:00

Arrival at Palana airport 12:40 (flight time: 1 hour 30 minutes) 

Transfer to Palana by car (1.5 hours)

After arrival, fishing in the evening. 

2 - 7 days Fishing on the Zhilovaya river
8 day Airline: Kamchatka Airlines: by DE 252 flight

Departure from Palana airport 13: 55

Arrive at ELIZOVO airport 15:35 (flight time: 1 hour 30 minutes)

Personal things: fishing gear (spinning, fly fishing), mosquito repellents, warm waterproof clothing boots or better waders, reppelents.


Advice to fishermen

Features of fishing. During the course of the chinook, the rivers are usually full of water and relatively turbid. Chinook salmon usually stands in holes 2–5 meters deep at the bottom. Often on top of a strong current. It is necessary to offer bait (bait, wobbler, streamer) near the muzzle at the depth of the fish. Therefore, the best lures no lighter than 30, preferably 40 grams. Colors are silvery, dull, yellow. Accordingly, the baits should be tests and rods. It is better to equip baubles in advance with strong clockwork rings and tees (Ovner, etc.). For fly fishing, you must have sinking cords of varying degrees of immersion. Optimally two-handed # 8-9.

Tour cost

If group consists of 2-3 fishermen:  5900 US$ ~

If group consists of 4-5 fishermen:  4500 US$ ~

If fishermen more than 6:  4200 US$ ~

Spinning rental price: 600 roubles per day.

Booking procedure

50% of the cost of transfer to the account, the rest, before fishing.

The payment included

Meals, transfer to the airport Palana, transfer to the camp.


* Please note that alcohol is not included in the tour price.

* Attention Baikal Safari is not responsible if the program of the tour changes due to the change of plane or cancel due to unfavorable weather. In this case we will establish a service within the tour cost under the conditions favorable to customers on mutual exchanges.

* Please confirm the tour schedule in advance.