Hunting in Kamchatka is, perhaps, the most expensive pleasure for the hunters and at the same time the most remote one. For the majority of hunting activities you need a helicopter, which costs a lot today. Therefore, you need to find a good, qualified and dependable hunting ground in case you are interested to get here. Almost everyone now practices hunting activities here, however, experienced professionals can be count on the fingers of one hand. It seems to be that having this great number of animals presupposes to have a good result for hunters, however, the correct choice of gamekeeper and right organization of the process of hunting plays a major role. You can easily get a relatively small trophy for the big sum of money, but this will not only put you in a bad mood but can also negatively change your mind on this unique peninsula. Everyone in the world should visit Kamchatka at least once. And if you wish to come here and experience the hunting, we strongly recommend you to choose the specialists very carefully. We are pleased to help you with this.

The vegetation of Kamchatka varies much from the South East to the North West. In the south-eastern and central parts of the peninsula there are mixed forests, which include larch, spruce, poplar, aspen, birch, chosenia, rowan. In the northern and north-western areas you will not have a chance to find such species. Here you can explore alder, cedar mixed with Tundras covered with high moguls which have berry bushes of cranberries, cloudberries, blueberries and other wild berries. Different salmon species migrate up along the stream of rivers and some of the fish stay there forever, fertilized the caviar out. Isn’t it a heaven for the brown bear?

The main trophies of hunting are: Kamchatka brown bear, Kamchatka moose, Kamchatka snow sheep, Siberian bighorn sheep (available at mountain hunting tours).