Sable, squirrel, lynx and wolverine are the most traditional types for fur hunting. Laikas, our faithful helpers are also needed. This hunt can be performed either using transport or by foot. Sometimes baits are additionally used for hunting wolverines. Sometimes it is hard to drive a large wolverine or lynx onto a tree with the help of dogs, so you need to chase them quickly. Sometimes you have to shoot at a beast sitting on a tree or running away. In general, hunting for fur species is very exciting and requires stamina from all participants. We also use GPS collars for this type of hunt. Sometimes dogs find a lair, if the conditions afford it (until November 30), you can get a brown bear. The dates of hunting for fur species are from October 15 to February 28.

Sable hunting

Lynx hunting

Oleg Shemyakin, Irkutsk

Wolverine hunting

Sable hunting

Alan Smith