Siberia stretches from west to east for more than 7,000 km, and from 3,500 km from north to south, which explains the diversity of climatic conditions, soil and vegetation zones, and the richness of the animal and plant world characteristic of this part of Russia. For example, yellow cloudberries are just beginning to grow in the tundra, and in the middle belt of Siberia, apples and grapes already reach. Stunning wildlife and unpopulated lands - all this is the heart of Russia - Siberia, where half of the country's natural wealth is concentrated.

 Some reasons to go to the tour:


  • Participate in conversations with flowers of Siberian region and plant experts
  • Sharing experience among gardeners and people who likes flowers
  • Share emotions with encountering rare flowers
  • Try to find plants you want to raise yourself
  • Visit and communicate with Russian family


"Baikal-Safari" CO. LTD organizes ecological tours in the Baikal region for people who are fond of nature, travel through the forest, contemplation of flowers. In the taiga region, there are several thousand species of wild plants. All this diversity, as well as extraordinary natural landscapes and fresh air of the taiga attract a large number of tourists, biologists and nature lovers.