Grayling (Thymallus arcticus)

Lenok (Brachymуstax lenok)

Grayling is a genus of freshwater fish in the salmon family Salmonidae. Graylings are distinguished from other members of the salmon family by their largest dorsal fin which runs from the head to the tail fin. Grayling: length: 50-70 cm, weigh: 1,5 – 3,5kg.

Lenok is a genus of freshwater radioli fish of the salmonidae family (Salmonidae). At the age of six or seven years, the flax reaches sexual maturity with a body length of 43-45 cm, and a mass of 700-1000 g. It reaches a length of about 70 cm and a mass of 6 kg.

Northern pike (Esox lucius)

Coregonus lavaretus

Northern pike is a species of the carnivorous fish of the genus Esox (the pikes). Length is up to 1.5 m and weight is up to 35 kg (usually up to 1 m and 8 kg).

Average weight of the coregonus lavaretus is 0.5 kg in 5 years, 1.5 kg – in 7 years, from 2.4 to 5 kg – in 15 years. The record weight of the coregonus lavaretus is more than 10 kg.

Burbot (Lota lota)

Perch (Perca fluviatilis)

Burbot is the only exceptionally freshwater fish of the order of cod-shaped ones. Has commercial value. The length of the body can reach up to 120 cm. The largest specimens - up to 18 kg are recorded in the Lena River.

Perch is a genus of fish of the perch family, a group of perciforms. The length of the river perch does not exceed 50 cm, and the mass is 2 kg, although individual individuals can reach larger sizes.

Common Roach

Common Roach is a fresh and brackish water fish of the Cyprinidae family. The maximum length is over 50 cm, weight is up to 3 kg and the maximum life expectancy is  21 years.