Every hunter who comes to Siberia should know that almost the entire taiga zone has rugged terrain with high ridges and steep slopes. Therefore, you should not expect that hunting will be an easy walk for you, it is far from African jeep safaris. The main mistake of many hunters is that they think that they will have a lot of choice and time to see the trophies, to determine their quality themselves. In practice, this rarely happens, you have to trust an experienced ranger, who must determine the size of the trophy yourself. The moment of truth lies in the fact that on almost all hunts, for a shot it takes no more than one minute, animals usually immediately hide behind tree trunks. Firing ranges often do not exceed one hundred meters, so the hunter must be prepared to shoot quickly and accurately. An exception to the rule may be hunting for mountain animals, where everything changes good lumbago and long distances to the trophy. Here, on the contrary, you can’t rush, you need to weigh everything and accurately calculate the flight of the bullet. And of course, if the hunt is from the towers, the hunter must be able to sit quietly and calmly. To do this, you definitely need warm clothes and shoes with a margin of up to - 25-30 degrees Celsius. It is quite cold in Siberia at night, and without movement, multiply the ambient temperature by half. The mistake of the hunters is to rely on the clothes of Sitka and others with their indicated temperature regime, this is all indicated for running hunting, and all ventilation valves begin to work in the opposite direction. You don’t need to drink a lot of hot tea or other liquid, the moment comes when the liquid needs to be removed, and this is unnecessary movement, creak, and so on, and when the beast is nearby, he will definitely hear. The wild taiga beast is much more cautious than where the large population of people and towers work constantly. Be sure to coordinate the caliber and model of the weapons brought for bear hunting, red deer hunting, red deer hunting, musk deer hunting and fur species. Siberian animals are much larger and more enduring than their western relatives. Do not rush for wounded animals, this is the work of the huntsman, you can only go second! Do not hesitate to tell the rangers to go slower, they often simply do not understand that it is quite difficult for a city man who is not used to running along steep hills to go at the same speed. And if you plant your legs, then you can then throw some days out of the hunt.
The main hunting trips on Lake Baikal are: bear hunting, Manchurian deer hunting, maral deer hunting, musk deer hunting, roe deer hunting.


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